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He is a kind man with knowledge of systems, software, and equipment. He attended the launch of my programs 2yrs ago and has been interested in my work ever since. Consulting with Dan is a breeze. He listens to what you need and makes an honest assessment of where he thinks you will best be served and presents the options in a simple and intelligent way.  He guided me through upgrading my phone, computer, and what software to incorporate into my upcoming book tour.

I trust what he says because there are few people who know more about what a small or big company would be best off with. Dan has also been my neighbor and his commitment to my work and business doesn't really differ from living on the same street. He seeks logical, simple, affordable, and honest solutions for what will best serve my needs as a sole proprietor... and as a resident of our very complex neighborhood and it's issues.

While there is never an easy solution when it comes to the intersection of commerce, technology, and humanity, Dan and H Station certainly made it pain free for me and my team.

Boise T. Venice, CA

Fantastic experience, this is by far the best place I have gone to for computer technical help and service. My husband and I have used H Station for about ten years now.  They have helped set up new desktop computers, setting up new laptops, Ipads, cell phones, and WIFI fixes. We have used them for our office and home needs.  I originally got their name from a producer friend who has high standards - so I knew they would be great. And they are! Dan is such a friendly and knowledgeable person and are happy to answer any computer concerns day or night. Dan is a Computer Doc, he practically saved my life, with my computer, on its last legs, and now to this day, it is still working! Dan has always gone above and beyond the call of duty. He is flexible with booking, to fit all our crazy schedules. He not only fixes the issue we called him in for, but he is also open to addressing any number of the additional problems that needed fixing since he is already there. And he stands behind his work. Best of all, he always shows us what he did, so we learn simultaneously. His hourly rate is reasonable and worth every penny. And I trust him with any sensitive information on my computer - which is always a massive concern for me. I believe Dan is honest and sincere in the work he does. The result is done on time and on budget. We will use his service again in the future.  And I would not hesitate to recommend Dan and H Station to family and friends.

Deirdre S. Los Angeles, CA