An Inconvenient Truth

Daniel was integral in transitioning my laptop presentation to the large screen, formatting my genome of data, gathered from over all these years, into one uniform look. “Thanks for a Job Well Done."

-Al Gore, Former Vice President of the United States of America

“Due to Daniel Brewster’s dedication to getting the job done, no matter what it took; plus the extremely flexible “power house” Apple Keynote Software, we have a film, An Inconvenient Truth.  Without Dan, we would never have been able to make all the changes and additions to the original material; stay on schedule or in budget.  Remarkable. Thanks to Daniel and Apple.”
Lesley Chilcott, CO-Producer
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The Story

In 2005, Daniel Brewster was asked to do a very unique job for Renewable Films on a documentary about global warming starring Vice President Al Gore.  They wanted a person who had an art background with a working knowledge of the movie industry, was proficient with Apple’s Keynote presentation program, was able to solve technical problems of both the software and the computers as the project moved forward, and had to be here locally in Los Angeles - preferably Venice, CA.

This new presentation was to be done Keynote software that Mr. Gore was familiar with so he would be more at ease when he was being filmed.  This new Keynote presentation was the foundation of the to the entire documentary.  The daily challenge was to keep up with the almost hourly changes to the material being included in the presentation. 

The actual deliverable was a 400 slide Keynote Presentation totally reformatted for filming in 20 days using Keynote in a way that had never been tried before and was successful doing it. The biggest benefit is that Al Gore used tools he was familiar with to be to give his lecture without notes - live in front of camera like he was talking to a neighbor or friend.  

The result was a film that Jeff Skoll | Founder & Chairman | Participant Media, thought would go straight to PBS as a documentary became “An Inconvenient Truth” which has changed how the world thinks about climate change.  

The first order of business was a meeting with Daniel Goldman, Lesley Chilcott, Davis Guggenheim, and Daniel Brewster to look at the entire script to date and carefully look at the entire presentation's material and transitions.

We had HD Video and other high bandwidth material that required special treatment. We needed to find a seamless way to deliver the presentation while staying nimble. We also had to have a backup running in parallel, the "demo gods" would have no place in this presentation.

In learning about the flexibility of Apple Keynote while making "An Inconvenient Truth," Daniel has realized that he can increase the impact of his client's projects, "on-the-fly", with minimal effort, drop in a scene, a picture or a graphic into Keynote - set timing, change colors, resolution, type face, get a client-approved presentation just right - and using high definition assets.

The power and integration of Mac OS X and Keynote allowed us to confidently grab items from the web, an FTP site or the iDisk - insert the documents plus make all the design changes needed.  One of the most important part of using Keynote was giving the team and Al Gore the flexibility to change the slide order and content “on the fly” in real time. The nature of the presentation was based on Mr. Gore giving a live and semi-improvised lecture.

To facilitate this Keynote was under constant change in both content and structure through the entire project. Normally when shooting a film, changes to content stop being made several days before filming starts. It was not unusual to have Mr. Gore bring us material for the presentation minutes before the camera started rolling and want it included for the shooting that night. 

However, this exhibits the true mastery of Al Gore, the production team and the flexibility of the Apple Keynote software because this happened numerous times during the making of An Inconvenient Truth. 

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