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Think technology general contractor.

This has led us to many relationships with other specialists in similar parallel fields. If our clients need it, we can provide additional Team members to get it done. It could be a new or updated Database or a life-changing Keynote Presentation or the installation of a very sophisticated computer workflow solution, HSC has helped our clients to accomplish massive successes.

Our core team at HSC has been in consumer electronics for over four decades. We started with an Apple II in the early eighties, and have been with Apple ever since. Our business centers around all things Apple. Often systems need integration, or someone is interested in switching from another operating system. We offer many choices and have many happy clients that have used our services to get the most from their digital tools all working in concert.HSC provides Apple Macintosh hardware and software solutions for productivity enhancement using a team of experts in a variety of fields that include Specialists for Macintosh Computers, Servers and Software solutions.These teams include specialists and experts in:iPhone integration with ExchangeFileMaker Custom Database SolutionsHigh Speed NetworkingHome TheaterSecurity SystemsWeb DevelopmentPC to Mac MigrationFirewall Solutions including SonicWallTelephone/VOIPXsan (Mass Storage)Plus many other 3rd party software solutions that assist our clients with organization and productivityH Station Consulting, Inc. is unique in the consulting arena in that we, as a company, can provide our clients with One Point of Contact with our team of expert solution providers to serve you, the client.Our Team here at HSC lives to design solutions for challenging situations. What can we help you with TODAY?

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