Trusted Partner Network

What is TPN Certification?

A Trusted Partner Network (TPN) Assessment is a cybersecurity audit where your ISMS implementation (i.e. management system, physical security and digital security) and corresponding content handling workflows are bench-marked for conformance with the MPA Best Practises Common Guidelines by an Accredited TPN Assessor.

Content Security For A Growing Industry

Content security, especially for pre-release content, is critical in the motion picture and television business. Content is often handled by outside vendors and a breach can have substantial economic consequences.
Accordingly, Vendors are typically subject to security assessments that may be conducted by different persons to different standards. Vendors may also be assessed repeatedly at the request of multiple different content providers, resulting in duplication and waste.

The TPN will allow motion picture and television content providers/creators/owners to identify when Vendors have been subject to Assessments and to what standards, and will allow Vendors to share full Assessments with each of the motion picture and television content providers providers/creators/owners. The TPN program will provide a number of benefits to all content owners including:Create a single, central global directory of “trusted partner” vendors.

Expand the community of approved, media & entertainment focused content security assessors. Elevate the security standards and responsiveness of the vendor community. Assist in identifying vulnerabilities and communicate remediation to the vendor community through the TPN Platform. Increase the number of third-party vendor facilities that are assessed annually.

In addition to providing assessments and associated professional services, both internal and third party, the TPN assists in educating all participants (production, distribution and archiving whether individuals or companies) in and seeks to raise security awareness, preparedness, and capabilities within our industry.

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